Winter Talks

The Winter Talks take place at Beaminster Museum, they all start at 2.30 pm and admission is £2.50 for everyone, including our Friends because, yes, the talks are really good! Here is the Winter Talks programme for the 2017-18 season:

  1. Domestic Life at Druce Farm (Lilian Ladle): Tuesday 14 November, 2.30pm
  2. Hooke Village: Delving into the Past (Duncan Harris): Tuesday 28 November, 2.30pm
  3. The Maiden Newton-Bridport Railway Line (Douglas Beazer): Tuesday 12 December, 2.30pm
  4. The Real History of Parnham (Brian Earl): Tuesday 16 January, 2.30pm
  5. A Dreadful Lost Cause: the awful story of the Monmouth Rebellion in 1685 (Bruce Upton): Tuesday 30 January, 2.30pm
  6. 19th Century Pilots in Sailing Boats on the Bristol Channel (Diana Trenchard): Tuesday 13 February, 2.30pm



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