Support Collection

The Support Collection exists to care for items coming into the museum which are not accessioned but nevertheless should be retained and made accessible to the public.  These could be either hard copy or digital.

The following comprise the Reference Section available to the public:

– reference books, copies of maps, newspaper cuttings

– major exhibitions and other research notes

– electronic versions of photos and pictures on the Museum computer.

– audio visual and aural history recordings

– family history data and information relating to Beaminster and the villages

We ensure that all items in the Support Collection are catalogued e.g. by an index at the front of a folder/box file, or in our own computer database. Subjects mentioned in more than one location will be cross referenced and we have started work on this process.

Whenever possible we now enter documents, as well as photos/pictures, on to our computer database rather than retaining them in hard copy form.

It is unfortunately not possible to borrow any items from this section but copies can be made at a small charge.

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