Latest Publications

We encourage our volunteers to record the results of their research in the form of books, on sale in our shop at very reasonable prices – please see the Shop page for a full list of publications and items for sale.

Our latest publications are:

  1. The  Pulse (November 2014) – Beaminster portrayed through word panels by Brian Earl and delightful illustrations by Bridie Cheeseman: £8
  2. Rubbish! (April 2014) by Michael Dower – the local story of refuse collection and disposal: £5
  3. Hanging by a Thread (November 2013) by Beaminster Museum – our flax & hemp heritage: £10
  4. Time, Gentlemen, Please! (July 2013) by Alan Wakefield – local pubs and inns revisited: £2.50
  5. Elementary Education in Victorian Beaminster (June 2013) by Maureen Stollery – including log books on CD: £9.50
  6. Poor Relief in Thorncombe (June 2013) by Arnold Shipp: £2
  7. On the Street Where You Live (March 2013) by Brian Earl – the history of Beaminster’s streets: £3.00
  8. BackTrack – 15 Circular Walks on Beaminster’s Old Roads (July 2011) by Brian Earl: £5.00

Most of this work has only been made possible through generous funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund & Arts Council England, to whom we are very grateful.

We are happy to send you any of these publications through the post at the stated prices + postage & packing. Please contact us to make your order.



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