Easy Fund Raising

Can you help us raise funds for the museum for nothing with no effort?

The Museum relies completely on income from admissions, events and donations and we apply for grants for specific projcts, so any extra funds always help to keep the Museum open.

To help us raise funds you can purchase goods over the internet from retailers participating in a rebate scheme (and there are thousands including many household names). For every purchase made the retailer pays a percentage of the cost, typically 2.5%, into the account of chosen good causes. Beaminster Museum is registered as a good cause.

If you wish to help the museum in this way go to the website http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/beaminstermuseum and register your email address and a password. Select the retailer you wish to buy your goods from, listed on the website page, and purchase your goods in the normal way; you will not be charged anything extra when using this method.

The due percentage will be immediately credited to the museum’s account but we won’t get a penny if you make your purchase directly from the retailer’s website. The account is paid to the museum quarterly provided it has reached £15. This is a completely safe way to help the museum raise much needed funds.

Thank you very much to those who are already helping us in this way.


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