BBC Spotlight features Beaminster Rubbish exhibition

Michael Dower and Simon Clemison preparing

Planning the interview

Rubbish was the subject under discussion at the Museum on Saturday 26th April 2014 when the BBCSpotlight tv team, headed by Simon Clemison, arrived to find out what the badgers had unearthed.  The filming took all morning and started with a briefing session in which Professor Michael Dower explained the nature of the exhibits.         Curator Brian Earl took the opportunity to explain the context of the exhibition and why the Peasehill dump is an important, time-limited, snapshot of Beaminster’s inter-war years rubbish disposal habits.

Curator Brian Earl explaining

Brian Earl explaining



The camera crew also took the opportunity to take shots of the artwork produced for the exhibition by the children of Broadwindsor School before heading out to take location shots of the badger setts where the dump was found.

Pupil's painting beneath case of artefacts

Broadwindsor School artwork




Later, everyone agreed it had been an interesting experience and good publicity for the Museum especially as it was aired on one of the key tourism days in the South West, the day of the Padstow HobbyHorse, when many visitors would be watching the news.


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