December specials

The Museum is technically in its closed period but we have too much to show to worry about that. Events this month include:

  • Christmas Coffee Morning: Saturday 3 December, 10.00am-noon
  • Winter Talk #3 – The Netherbury Witch (Brian Earl): Tuesday 13 December, 2.30pm
  • Art exhibition 12-21 December, 10am to 4pm daily
  • Beaminster Gallery Quire Christmas Concert: Saturday 17 December, 7.30pm

The shop will be open whenever the doors are open so if you have still not got your copy of the very popular work, The Pulse, by Brian and Bridie, then that will be your chance. Why not come on Saturday 3rd and have a coffee at the same time?

We look forward as ever to the Gallery Quire concert. Tickets for this annual event are best purchased in advance.

Finally, we are hosting an exhibition of paintings by Kate Ackerley, Dorset Begins. Entrance is free and all are welcome, 12-21 December.



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Learning designer and international education manager. CPD, PDP, MBAs, ICT programmes, etc
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