Tercentenary of Freemasonry

For 145 years, there has been a masonic lodge here in Beaminster and many local families have been and still are  actively involved in its charitable works. DSCN0773

The United Grand Lodge of England is celebrating its tercentenary this year so the museum, as part of that celebration, is hosting a summer exhibition in the ‘niche’ highlighting some of the characters, skills and activities of Beaminster Masons over the years.

Their early connections with excellence in craftsmanship can be seeen in some of the exhibits. It is also clear to see that Masons of old, if not today, could certainly dine well and heartily! Can anyone, today, eat that much?


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Walking sticks and bangles

dscn0776.jpgThere are still some lovely , locally crafted walking sticks available for sale in the museum shop so if you forgot yours when on holiday, you know where to come. Souvenir and practicality in one visit.

There are also some very original, light-weight, finely finished wooden bangles for only £2 each!!! (A steal!) DSCN0778

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Beaminster School Festival Photography

The Museum is delighted to once again host a photographic exhibition from Beaminster School students. This is now an important part of the Beaminster Festival and a valuable experience for the students themselves, showing their work to a wider audience.

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Museum participation Beaminster-style

So, apparently, museums are failing to close the participation gap. Hmm: not so sure that is true in Beaminster. We have children of all ages, learned professors, ‘staying over the road’ visitors, ‘want to see great-granny/grandad’s contribution’ visitors, overseas visitors of all ages from many countries – and people who return just because they enjoy what is on offer. We have also installed a stairlift that has been seen to double as a handrail for the very young.

Thankfully, we are rarely crowded and a local welcome is here – a welcome to suit you and what you want to do, whatever your age or background. We can’t do anything about the exterior but come inside and just have a look around. Have a laugh. Ask questions. Enjoy the things to do. Create your own list of things to do – we don’t expect anyone to do anything except explore and hopefully get a bit puzzled at times. See Opening times for more information.

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Wood you know and wood we craft

Along with the current exhibition, Wood you know we are delighted to be showcasing items from some of our local craftspeople in the shop.  Peter Wheeler has a wide selection of items including an amazing array of walking sticks, jewellery boxes, large egg cups, garden dibbers, light pulls and bangles and – be quick! – there are six of Alice Blogg’s bowls still available.

We also have second-hand items ‘looking for a new home’ which have been donated by some of our volunteers.  The large wooden bowl went very quickly but more remains.

Sadly, there is insufficient space in the shop for us to have larger items from our local world-renowned cabinet-makers but there are pictures of some of their work and we can put you in touch with them.

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Beaminster St Mary’s – Welcome!

detective iconAre you a pupil at St Mary’s Academy in Beaminster? If you are, you may be doing the Research project this holiday. Please do come and see us. (Please bring an adult with you.) We are expecting you and will be happy to help if we can. We have lots of things on display and our stewards (the people on the desk) can help you find things more quickly. We also have lots of information on the computer and can help you search for photos, letters or other types of record. Just come and tell us what it is you are researching.  We look forward to seeing you.

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New Season Begins

Two eWooduknow_notimesxciting new temporary exhitions open Saturday 01 April at 10:30. First, we are celebrating 40 years of friendship with St. James in Normandy. Second, we are celebrating all things ‘wood’.


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40 Years of Twinning with Saint James

The commune of St James sits in Basse Normandie, not far from Le Mont St Michel and bypassed to the West by the A84 to Rennes. A small but active town, it has much in common with Beaminster which undoubtedly contributes to the success of four decades of municipal twinning sharing history, culture and socio-economic experience. Our exhibition, opening on 01 April, showcases the history of this enduring friendship.

The current activities of Saint James, prononounced sɛ̃ʒɑm in French, can be followed through the town’s website.



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Stunning work

No, we have not imported a whole wood. Our very own, highly talented Roberta Bee has been at work again.


The new season, opening on 01 April, promises to be a good one.

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Books this weekend!


Declutterers and buyers BookDay is almost here! 25 February is our designated Book Sale day from 10:00 until 1:00. This should conveniently be ahead of the forecast rain!

If you would like to donate books to the sale and have not done so already, then please get them to the museum today although, in emergency, we shall accept them tomorrow.

If you want to buy, then note there is a very wide range with gems to suit all (well, most) tastes. General fiction, specialist non-fiction, biographies…. We look forward to seeing you.

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